In the 2014 movie Annabelle, the protagonist Mia Form receives an Annabelle doll as a gift from her husband. In its 2017 prequel Annabelle: Creation, we can see a doll-maker making the very first Annabelle doll. He marks it as the 1st of 100 limited edition dolls.

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Annabelle: Creation is set in year 1955 and its sequel is set in 1967 (12 years later). Mia mentions that she has been looking for one of those dolls.

Some people choose animals as a theme. Others choose the moon and stars. Mia clearly chose --
Of all sorts. Like she's been collecting them for awhile. On the rocking chair. On the shelves. In the crib.

Mia tears at the wrapping, revealing --
Those eyes. Those pig tails. That smile. We know her as the ANNABELLE DOLL. But we've never seen her like this.
New. Perfect. Exquisite.
Mia : Oh my god... John...
John : That's the one, right?
Mia : Yes. Where did you find her? I mean, do you know how long I've been looking?
John : I know.


Is it the same one that gets possessed by the demon in Annabelle: Creation?
Note that

Annabelle Higgins (who's actually Janice from Annabelle: Creation) is later found dead with her arms around the doll, which implies there's some sort of connection between her and this doll.

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It apparently is the same doll.

As your question suggests, the Annabelle films aren't entirely clear on this point. However -- in an interview with iHorror's David Grove -- the screenwriter of Annabelle (2014) and Annabelle: Creation (2017), Gary Dauberman, appears to confirm that the doll in the latter film is indeed the same one seen in the former, and the other Conjuring Universe films.

DG: How was the decision made to do a prequel to Annabelle, and how did you come up with a storyline for this second film?

GD: It was a true collaborative effort between me and the producers. James [Wan] had a very specific idea on the location and a few of the characters he thought would be fun to play around with when making the second movie. As usual, he was right. And we all knew we wanted to dig into the origin of the Annabelle doll. It just felt like a natural way into the story. Where’d she come from? Who made her? How did the evil that’s attached to her come to be? Once we had those answers, I started to hammer out a basic structure we could all look at. And then from there I set out writing the script. It all came together pretty quickly.


DG: Do you see any room for more Annabelle films, another Annabelle prequel or maybe a sequel, and what is the connection between your upcoming film The Nun and the Annabelle films?

GD: I think this movie will prove by the end of it that there is more to the Annabelle story that needs to be told. I mean, the mere fact that she’s a doll kind of allows that. How many kids out there have the same doll? Visually, I mean. Same packaging, same hair, same eyes, same whatever. But it’s unique to them, right? Same doll but each kid creates a different back-story, a different history, a different story which makes their doll their very own even though it might look like a million others out there. It’s kind of the opposite for Annabelle. She remains the same but the people she encounters all have different stories and different fears and she’s going to use those for her own purposes until you discover — much too late — that she isn’t the toy… you are. And she’s playing you.

[Interview] Screenwriter Gary Dauberman – Annabelle: Creation

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