I read it as a child and have spent years trying to find it again. It was a reasonably large book, the first chapter (the introduction of the siblings) talks about the older sister's name beginning with an 'A' and the younger brother's name beginning with a 'Z'. All I remember is that, and that it had something to do with magic.

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Sounds like Spellbound (2006) by Anna Dale.

How far would you go to get rid of an annoying brother? Athene meets the Gloam, who cast a spell on everyone who knew her little brother so that they forget all about him. However, it is Athene who cannot forget her brother and so she sets out into a world of dark magic, underground kingdoms and twisted histories to save him.

The story centres on a girl named Athene and her younger brother, Zach, and a paragraph on the first page of the first chapter notes that they're so dissimilar that even the first letters of their names are at opposite ends of the alphabet.

No two siblings could have been so dissimilar as Athene and Zach. They were as distinct from each other as chalk is from cheese. Even their names were at opposite ends of the alphabet.

You can read a preview of the book here.

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    It is spellbound!!!! Thank you so much! I’ve spent years trying to find that book. I read it in a library when I was about 9 back in 2006 and really enjoyed it but was never able to remember the name or find it again! Thank you so so much Sep 15, 2021 at 13:16
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