I saw an old bw Martian/alien movie as a young boy in the 60s where the Martian/aliens hands came off and would crawl; dragging the jagged wrist. I remember one scene where the hand was climbing the backseat of the car seat to grab the unsuspecting driver. Gave me nightmares. Any ideas which late 50s or early 60s movie meets this "crawling hands" criteria?


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Could be Invasion of the saucer-men

enter image description here

"Hand" scene on youtube

The couple jumps out of the car and more lightning flashes reveal a strange little body with a huge head pined under the car. while the couple tries to figure things out, we see the creatures hand fall off and crawl over to the tire. The severed hand has an eyeball on top of it’s veiny surface and as the eye is looking around sharp needles start to grow out of the finger tips…. next the hand dives at the tire and pops it from under the car…

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