This happened probably sometime in the late eighties to mid-nineties, when Microchip was Frank's regular partner. Frank had his Battle Van, equipped with a lot of expensive technology. It got blown up several times, and cost a ton of money to replace.

I remember one comic where the van got blown up. Micro needs something like $100,000 to make a downpayment on a replacement.

In the next story the van gets blown up again. A furious Micro rants that they got less than 100 miles on the clock.

Which issues did this happen?

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Punisher #28 (1989) and #29 (1990), part of the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline featuring the Kingpin and Victor Von Doom as villains.

In issue #28, it's Frank (not Microchip) who talks about several vans getting trashed, about a million dollars a piece:

Frank Castle uses an ejectable seat while destroying a Battle Can and getting irked at the cost

In issue #29, Doom messes up the electricals on the new van, and this time it is Microchip who complains about the cost, especially considering the current van's young age:

Microchip complains about having to replace the electricals on a 124-miles-old van

Found by browsing the Battle Van's page on the Marvel Wikia, looking at 90s issues where the van would appear in two or three issues in a row (since the question mentioned it being thrashed over one issue and the next).

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