I read this book in the mid to late fifties.

The little girl was very withdrawn and shy. She enjoyed spending time alone but somehow discovered when taking a bath if she pulled the drain plug before she got out of the tub she was taken outside to a pond in the woods where she made friends with all the woodland creatures. She would then visit them on a regular basis. Can't recall how she got back into her home.


This appears to be Clarinda (1944) by Frances Duncombe, but it seems to be a non-genre children's book.

Cover of "Clarinda" showing the title character sitting on grass with a collection of small animals

A contemporary New York Times article about it begins:

NOT every little girl who is as strong-minded as Clarinda finds so convenient and fascinating an escape from the rigors of home discipline as did she. By the happy chance of meeting a strange duck in her bathtub Clarinda discovered that she could go down the drain-pipe and come up in a woodland pond filled with amphibious new friends ready to help her throw dull care away.

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    That sounds pretty fantastical to me.
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