In the Season 4 episode 18 "Dearest Family," we see Tikki

use her powers without a Miraculous holder to produce an enormous galette that threatens to cause havoc.

While doing so, she is enveloped in a column of pink light in which the image of a winged entity is visible.

enter image description here

What is the nature of this winged entity? Is it Tikki's "human(oid) form," as some people have claimed? A shadow from some other object in the scene? An animation error?

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The end of the fifth season strongly suggests that this is Tikki beginning to transform into her "true form" (or at least a much less cute and more awe-inspiring form), as we see when Tikki and Plagg are ordered to "reveal themselves" in the episode "Re-Creation":

An image of Tikki in the process of revealing her other form, with pink light, a vague outline, and several wings.

Tikki in her other form. She resembles a humanoid ladybug with four black, insect-like arms, elytra, and a ring covered with glowing orbs behind her.

Note that the image from the fourth season has the outline of Tikki's elytra and "dress," as well as diaphanous wings and a suggestion of arms.

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