In the Dune 2021 we see Duncan Idaho being shot at with a projectile weapon. He had to use his sword to pry the projectile off his shield. But imagine a dozen of those projectiles working their way through the shield at the same time. Even Duncan couldn't survive that. So why don't armies use those projectile weapons on a massive scale? Where are the rifles and gatling guns that fire these projectiles? Why isn't every soldier equipped with one?

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    I don't think the original mentions such projectiles. Might be worth starting a specific dune-2021 tag, since it takes some creative license with the work.
    – Misha R
    Oct 30 at 2:34
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    sigh Herbert just wanted to make a space fantasy with swords, mental powers etc. Therefore there was no guns etc. These shields are just a lame idea how to make this happen.
    – Mithoron
    Oct 30 at 14:00

Briefly: The projectiles move too fast and therefore they would typically bounce off the shield. As Mithoron mentions Herbert was using his story to bring give us a space fantasy. And projectiles in Herbert’s universe are obsolete because of velocity issues with regard to the shield-armor. Think about how the hunter-seeker going after Paul must move slowly to pierce the shield.

This is input from a person who is well versed on the books and watched the new movie once. And is blind so experienced the movie via audio description service.

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    Hi, welcome to the site. This has the potential to be an excellent answer, but right now it's lacking in terms of canon evidence. If you could you edit this answer to provide a relevant quote from the books, or at least cite a specific book and chapter / page number where a relevant passage of text can be found, it would benefit this answer a lot. Oct 30 at 21:41
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    I believe Paul's hunter-seeker is different from Duncan's projectile. Hunter-seeker was guided by a person, and was slow because person could not find Paul, but got pretty fast when person found another human target. Duncan's projectile looked like something that didn't need guiding, like a normal bullet, but designed to pierce the shield. Big projectiles of this kind were used to destroy some of the buildings. One possible answer could be that this hand-held technology was recent Sardaukar invention, and they used it only in cases where they could maintain its secrecy. Oct 31 at 0:51
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    FWIW, Paul's realization in both book and movie that he'd been caught without his shield imply that the shield would have defeated the hunter-seeker. Oct 31 at 2:19
  • thank you for the critique and the welcome, Logicdictates. Typically I lurk this stack for enjoyment only. I’m happy to remove my answer if it is inappropriate. Nov 1 at 0:53

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