I have never seen the new Solo movie, so this may be a dumb question, but really, what is Chewbacca's last name, if he has one? Han just calls him Chewie, Chewbacca, or thing's like that, and never (as far as I remember) mention's his last name. I have wondered this for a while, and would be grateful for a reliable, canon answer (not based on a comic or that Star Wars Christmas special or something similar) if that is possible.


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According to The Star Wars 7, the adaptation of Lucas's original shooting script, Chewbacca is part of the Sawa Tribe, later renamed to "the Great Kaapauku tribe".

[In] the Legends book titled "The Star Wars 7", Chewbacca and his family are identified as the "Sawa Tribe" among other clans on Kashyyyk. The name means that they are one of the most powerful tribes on the planet, with the father being the prince and his name is "Auzituck" in the book. In the sequel to the book, called "The Star Wars 8", the family has a new alias under "the Great Kaapauku tribe"

Admittedly, this is almost certainly no longer the official continuity.

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    The purpose of surnames has historically been to tie yourself to a larger group, such as a family, such as the Arabic nisbah, "al-Farsī" meaning "of the Persians".
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    That said, as far as I know, Chewie has not identified himself using that name, and not every culture uses surnames as part of the name, so his (transliterated) full name may simply be "Chewbacca".
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    :) Or it's just nicknames, like how one of my college friends dated both "Airforce Ed" and "Asshole Ed" and just about everyone in the engineering program for our years knew exactly which Ed was which. :-D Admittedly, "Airforce Ed" changed to "Stalker Ed" by his Senior year due to a few incidents that led to a restraining order...
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    Surnames are not universal. The use of surnames dates back to antiquity in China, but is less than a thousand years old in Western culture. In Indonesia, most people do not have surnames; for instance, Sukarno and Suharto are complete names. Commented Nov 2, 2021 at 17:04
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    @InvisibleTrihedron: kalzumeus.com/2010/06/17/…
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