I remember that I used to play a PC game with my cousin when we were kids (late 90s / early 2000s), and we were trying to find it again, but no success because we can't remember its name.

Here are some characteristics that we remembered:

  • 2D platform game
  • Levels had different scenarios (like a forest, a haunted castle, Egypt and outer space)
  • Main character was a duck
  • Duck's clothes were blue and red
  • Duck had a gun (maybe a laser gun)
  • Enemies included flowers, zombies, aliens
  • Publisher was maybe eGames or EA Games (don't know for sure)

We had the CD to install the game, but apparently we lost it.

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This might be the 1996 game Crazy Drake. The hero is a duck dressed in red-and-blue and he has a purple gun, fights aliens:

The hero Prince Drake fires his gun at a flying UFO piloted by a green alien with eyes on stalks.

According to Wikipedia it was released by eGames.


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