In his 2007 interview for Dragon Magazine Issue 352, China Miéville stated that after the critical/public response to Iron Council he felt it was important to take a break from stories set in Bas-Lag but he'd be back there sooner rather than later nonetheless. That was now over a decade ago and Iron Council turns 17 this year. I for one have been looking forward to returning to life in the shadow of Perdido Street Station. So has China said anything to indicate that we're either not going to see any more tales from Bas-Lag after all or hinted that something new is coming or anything to give us some indication about where he's at in regard to his strange, terrible, beautiful creation?

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    I'll be happy with anything new from him. (There's a collaboration with Keanu Reeves of all people coming out this summer!)
    – Shawn
    Commented May 30 at 18:32
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    @Shawn Yeah I saw that, very excited that he's still writing, it had been a while.
    – Ash
    Commented May 30 at 21:39

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I have tried to find later instances of Miéville commenting on "Returning to Bas-Lag" - previously he has said that it is the most common question he encounters - but I have not been able to find anything later than 2013, just 6 years on from the Dragon Magazine interview. Miéville is still attending Q&A sessions at literary events, but I have not been able to find records of what was asked. If someone has attended one of these events in person, they may have a better idea!

The latest interview I have found is in a Hungarian SF magazine from 2013:

SFmag.hu: You’ve become a well-known and recognized author with the Bas-Lag novels. Do you have any plans on returning to that world?

China Miéville: Perhaps. But only if and when I can think of a story that necessitates returning, rather than going back just as a default.

This echos what he has previously said in interviews, for example at Goodreads in 2009:

GR: Any plans to write another novel set in Bas Lag?

Sure. It's a setting I'm enormously proud of and happy with. But I'll only do it when the story is right and when I can write something without undermining the three previous books, in particular the ending of the last book. Which was the book that I know many readers didn't like nearly as much as the others, but remains my favorite of the three, and not—truly—just to be contrarian.

So as far as I can see, another Bas-Lag novel remains possible, but only if he comes up with a story which requires it. Just to mention another possibility, some believe that "This Census Taker" (published in 2016) is actually set in Bas-Lag, although in truth it is hard to determine this clearly.

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