Does anyone have a copy of The Gilead Bomb by David Sinclair? If so, can you do me a solid and look up the names of the alien species mentioned? (There's no ebook version available.) I have an ancient memory that I'm looking to confirm. Please reply with the data spoiler-protected if possible.

If my memory is correct then it may lead to a further, more interesting conversation.


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The Rinn are an evil alien species from another galaxy.

The Narn are a good federation of seventeen hundred peaceful planets near the Crab Nebula.

(Paraphrased from THE GILEAD BOMB, pages 77-78)

  • Muchos danke! I had the names Narn and Rim in my head and was uncertain about both. Nov 13, 2021 at 2:45

The enemy alien was the Rim (or possibly the Rimm; my copy of the book is at home). Ace Astro's dog, who he'd named Sirius, was actually a Narn.

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