I recently finished up the third book of William D. Arand's Super Sales on Super Heroes book, following Felix as he leverages what is officially thought to be a useless power to forge an empire named Legion, despite up position from governments, supervillains, superheroes, and gods. The third book ends with him driven to an alternate universe Yosemite run by his half-brother Vince, with two of his main allies in the wind. The book came out in 2018. Has Arand announced a sequel? Is it continuing in a different series like Otherlife by same author?


Per the author's Patreon (Jan 2021)

Q. Is there an SSOSH 4 on the horizon?

A. Eventually.

and March 2020

There will eventually be a 4th book. But it isn't anytime soon.

At present they're working on at least two other sequel novels and while Super Sales may be on their long-term to do list they've described their writing from 2017 and 2018 as having left them "in a rut", so I wouldn't hold your breath.

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