The animation style if I remember right is similar to early to mid 2000s.

This boy travels through time and makes these stops as if going to all the different stages in the Earth's life. I believe he is unable to go back for some reason and he may have someone else with him. I know for certain of two times he travels through time: once to when Earth is in an ice age, and another that's so far in the future the humans are unrecognizable as human.

In the ice age one, I think the boy is panicking about how cold it is and wants to go forwards in time.

In the far-into-the-future-part, the Earth is a desert wasteland with nothing in sight besides the last human settlement. He makes friends with the future humans and gets help going back in time.

I watched this around 2011-2012. Would've been on Netflix or YouTube cause that's all I had access to at that time. I've asked about this so many times on different websites and people, hopefully someone here knew what I'm talking about!

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This is Time Kid (2003).

From IMDB:

An adaptation of H.G Well's Time Machine for Nickleodon. Tom's scientist father, overwhelmed with grief over the loss of his wife, invents a time machine. He attempts to go in to the future to find a cure that he can take back in time to his wife, so that she might live. He never comes back, only his time machine. So Tom goes into the future to rescue his dad.

From The Time Machine Wiki:

In 19th Century New Jersey, a young boy named Tom Spender discovers his missing father's Time Machine with a note in the seat, saying that the father was stuck in the future and unable to return home. Tom boards the machine and explores the future, first visiting the year 2002 where he meets one of his descendants, and later the year 11,902.

There, he meets a strange race of people- the Luman, who are a very simple, almost childlike folk who live in a domed community. They also have telekinetic powers. When Tom wonders where the food comes from, he discovers that it is provided by a second race, the Sub-Men. When the Luman come to get their food, the Sub-Men take a Luman in exchange.

It seems that the Sub-Men are using electrical energy from the Luman's telekinetic powers to run their machines. Tom soon befriends a Sub-Man, Zorog, and convinces him that there are better ways for the two races to exist. The two soon rescue Lira, who has been captured, as well as Spender's father, Henry Spender.

The young protagonist, Tom, uses his father's time machine to jump to a period resembling an ice age at around the 16:44 mark in the video below, and decides to jump forward again very quickly, to escape the extreme cold. He then arrives in a desert-like region, where he meets a friendly race of people resembling the Eloi (from The Time Machine (1960)), at around the 21:31 mark.

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