In Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age, the rescued girls raised on the Chinese Primers form their own phyle and seek Nell as their ruler.

While the connection between Nell and the Mouse Army is through the Primers and Hackworth would be the hand behind it, why would he want to do that? What does he gain from it?

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He created 3 primers. I think he really wanted one of the girls from the Victorian phyle to complete the primer and maintain control. I don't think he ever imagined a poverty stricken, street child to do better than Victorians. And Nell almost didn't make it out of her apartment when she was a small child.

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    Hi, welcome to SF&F. You're saying that Hackworth didn't want Nell to lead the Mouse Army? Do you have any evidence for this?
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  • I don't see any evidence showing that he wanted Nell to lead the Mouse Army. I see two possible things he might have wanted to happen: 1. Convert the Han Chinese orphans to become Victorians at least in beliefs no matter which girl leads them. 2: In his arrogance/moral superiority, I think it never occurred to him that Nell would do so well - but if she is converted, it's ok. Who ever finished the primer would become the queen. I think this leads back to NS' libertarianism and Snow Crash. Culture is the operating system and after that it's up to an individual's talents and effort. Commented Oct 19, 2023 at 13:23

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