Would the not yet emerged Celestials have reduced energy source during the Blip - and if so, would that not have been a good reason to have the Eternals interfere with Thanos' plans?

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  • "would that not have been a good reason to have the Eternals interfere with Thanos' plans" — there's no indication that the Eternals or Celestials would have known what Thanos' plans were. Jan 13 at 12:31
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    @mplungjan: "the Avengers actions positively influenced number of ppl on the planet" — uh, you did see Age of Ultron, right? Also the Eternals are primarily on earth to fight Deviants. For the most part, they're meant to leave humans to figure out how to thrive on their own, which includes learning to defend themselves from non-Deviant cataclysmic threats. Jan 13 at 14:40

The Eternals are primarily deployed to prevent the Deviants from wiping out intelligent life on earth before it has a chance to get going.

Aside from that, they're meant to mostly leave humanity to learn how to deal with stuff on its own, which includes defending against cataclysmic threats like Thanos — and apparently includes creating cataclysmic threats like Ultron, who seems like a greater risk to continued life on earth (and thus sustenance for Little Baby Tiamut) than Thanos' original 50% off strategy, but didn’t inspire any Eternal intervention (as far as we know).

It’s implied in the scene with Ajak and Phastos that his limited technological assistance contributed to the creation of nuclear weapons, which were equally capable of wiping out most of humanity, but also weren’t something the Eternals felt they should deal with.

Presumably, in the long run, letting the Avengers (and the rest of the world) get on with things by themselves has a better chance of ensuring that humanity eventually reaches the required size. The Celestials have been doing this for quite a long time, they've probably learned a thing or two (and/or decided that proper farming is too boring to do on a cosmic scale).


I believe the movie did not make it clear whether celestials emerge one after the other or if there are even others that are in that process at the same time.

The way I understood it was that there are not several celestial seeds planted at the same time. So the snap would only have affected Tiamut. But yes, it must have affected him. The way the MCU wiki says it, the snap didn't exactly hurt Tiamut, but it did delay his emergence.

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  • I'm pretty sure there are multiple Celestials being grown at the same time across the universe, and the movie hinted that, since there are Eternals in other planets.
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Thanks SmilyLily for pointing me to the answer elsewhere - I should have looked there before asking

Tiamut the Communicator

In 2018, Thanos used the Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe. This deeply affected the unborn Tiamut, and delayed the Emergence due to a lack of lifeforms to grow off of. However, when the victims of the Snap were resurrected in 2023 by the Avengers, the population was now enough to trigger Tiamut's Emergence.

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