I believe it is a trilogy.

There are guardians who ride winged steeds. There are a number for the world. These guardians have portals on the top of very high places that can only be reached by the winged steeds.

Some of the guardians have been subverted to evil.

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Could this be the Crossroads series of books by Kate Elliott? Not actually a trilogy, although there are only three books in the series thus far.

Per the description for the first book, Spirit Gate

For hundreds of years the Guardians have ruled the world of the Hundred, but these powerful gods no longer exert their will on the world. Only the reeves, who patrol on enormous eagles, still represent the Guardians' power. And the reeves are losing their authority; for there is a dark shadow across the land that not even the reeves can stop.

enter image description here

  • Did you never read Black Wolves? Publisher dropped the rest of the books but not the rights, so Elliott's been stuck.
    – mkennedy
    Jan 16 at 19:13

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