I absolutely can not find the movie anywhere and I’m hoping someone here can find it. It was an animated version of Snow White, most likely came out between 1990-2005.

It stayed more true to the original story where the queen tries three times to get rid of Snow. The biggest detail I can remember is a beautiful green comb with a handle that the queen dips in some sort of poison to attempt to kill Snow.

I’ve found a few versions that seem close but not quite right. I know it’s not the 1990 straight-to-DVD version, but the animation style is very similar. As far as I remember it was not directly associated with Disney. Does anyone recognize the movie or any information about it?


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As confirmed by the OP in the comments, this is Snow White and the Magic Mirror (1994).

From IMDB:

In this comedic take on Snow White, the vain queen, jealous of Snow White's beauty, tries to kill her multiple times. A band of dwarfs, all spoofs of famous comedians, takes her in to protect her.

From the NicThic Wiki:

Snow White and the Magic Mirror, also known as Princess Stories: Snow White and the Magic Mirror, is a 1994 American animated direct-to-video film that was released on VHS on November 1, 1994 by United American Video Corporation as part of its UAV Gold banner; it was later included on the DVD releases of The Secret of Anastasia. This film received a ton of criticism for ripping off Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The scene with the poisoned comb can be viewed at the 21:11 mark in the video below.

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