I may have missed some stuff from the movies, but even accounting for the ship's size, wouldn't crashing the Kelvin heavily damage it? again I may have missed stuff, but shouldn't crashing it destroy antimatter containment, making a warp core breach? Also, would the shields be effective, and if so, would the breach would knock it off its course?

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As you can see from the deleted scene below, the Narada was indeed crippled by the destruction of the Kelvin. The crew are incapable of defending the ship from a fleet of Klingon ships that turn up. They board the Narada and take the crew into custody.

The scene also exists in the original screenplay.

The shuttle SAILS AWAY with the others... HOLD ON THIS... for a long beat. Then PAN OVER to see NERO'S SHIP TUMBLING SILENTLY THROUGH SPACE -- DEBRIS still raining from the explosion --


MAYHEM: ALARMS and CREW work to stabilize the ship (OVERLAPPING ROMULAN DIALOG TO BE WRITTEN) -- we arrive at Nero, who, with small specks of HUMAN BLOOD on his face, just STARES at the fucking HOLOGRAM OF SPOCK -- he's OBSESSED.

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    I did not know that this deleted scene exists! however I am unable to watch due to the current device being my school computer. Jan 25 at 15:48
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    @MahmoudSalaheddine - A bunch of Klingons turn up. Nero's crew look like they're going to wet themselves. "This is the Klingon Empire. Surrender or die", blah blah blah end of scene
    – Valorum
    Jan 25 at 15:53

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