In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, before being turned into Deadpool, Wade Wilson is seen to be able to handle swords with amazing skill, being able to deflect bullets with them. Even though this could be a sort of superpower, it isn't unthinkable to believe a very skilled human could do this in a fictional universe. Also, if this is a mutant power, what would it be, being able to move arms very fast?

Did Wade Wilson have mutant powers before being turned into Deadpool in X-Men Origins...?

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The team that Stryker puts together are all mutants:

We're putting together a team. Best
men in the business. Men with... special qualities. Men like you.
Early Script

Further Wade Wilson's abilities (before enhancement) are superhuman in the way they're portrayed - deflecting bullets with a sword is possible, but not at the speed Wade does this or with bullets that fast.

Add to that, that the Weapon programs (at least the ones seen in the film) use mutants as the base for their experimentation. It wouldn't make sense for them to deviate from this, and have to graft the superhuman abilities Wade shows from elsewhere.

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    Don't forget his greatest mutant power: breaking the fourth wall
    – Machavity
    Feb 1, 2022 at 14:12

I have not found a definitive official statement, but every description of Wade Wilson and Team X indicates that he is a mutant on a team of mutants with his powers generally being simply listed as "enhanced reflexes".

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