It must have been 2020 or earlier when, on a (now deleted) tumblr blog, I found a link to some sort of music page (bandcamp perhaps?) with I believe a blue-ish colour scheme that had several tracks that could be listened to gratis. Unfortunately, data loss happened to the only device with which I'd navigated to that page.

It was likely about a dozen tracks all in all. The tracks had titles involving computering terms such as "memory", "loss" or "lost", and "fragmentation" or "fragmented" or "fragments". Unlike those of the musician(s) known as "MASTER BOOT RECORD" however, the terms were more generic and conceptual, not specific file or command names as a lot of MBR's are.

I believe there probably weren't any lyrics, or perhaps there were a few tracks with lyrics but most without. I'd think the kind of it was like experimental, techno / electro, and video game soundtrack-ish. The description or album title or something similar called it something like "music for robots". It wasn't "Music For Robots" by "Squarepusher x Z-MACHINES" though.



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