I read this story in Asimov's from the 80s or 90s. There's a mission sent to an alien world that contacted Earth seeking guidance from Earth's greatest philosopher - Jimmy Dodd (host of the Mickey Mouse club). The human mission includes a woman old enough to have watched the show (and I think to have met Dodd and run a fan club) - she loved Dodd's sermonettes because her family life was awful. She becomes ends up staying with the aliens to guide them, since they are going through a cultural crisis (they know about Dodd through picking up Earth TV - but they're not up to "Mr. Rogers").

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This is "Not Without Honor" by Judith Moffett.

It first appeared in the May 1989 issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine.

A snippet from a goodreads review of this issue:

Aliens have come to Earth on the basis of watching The Mickey Mouse Club and are mortified to find that Jimmie Dodd has died in Judith Moffett’s “Not Without Honor.”

The story can be read here.

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    Thank you! "M-o-u-s-e!"
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