A friend asks:

There's some Golden Age sci-fi story where some planet has gems that fall in the rain and they're worthless there but scooped up and sold to idiot off-worlders.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?


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Could be "Trillions" by Nicholas Fisk, published in 1971? From Wikipedia:

A mysterious shower of tiny crystals fall all over Earth. No-one knows where they came from, or what their purpose is, but they certainly behave strangely. Bonding together they mimic strange, and sometimes threatening, shapes. A boy with a microscope is just as likely to find out the answers as all the scientific pundits

There is quite a nice summary here.

The main characters are all children and are initially caught in the first shower but I don't recall if any are injured.

But the planet is just Earth and they are not sold to off-worlders (there are no other inhabited planets) although one of the children does have an out-of-body experience to another planet.

I think most of Fisk's work would be considered as for children or young adults - certainly that was the age I read this.

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