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In Jedi Night in season 4 of Rebels, Thrawn reveals to Hera that he knows, from her kalikori, that she had a brother who died when he was young. This is a minor detail, but one that never comes up again. Hera doesn't mention her brother when Omega tells her about her own clone brothers in The Bad Batch, and in the novel Lords of the Sith Cham Syndulla never talks about his son. Do we have any information in the canon about her brother, or is it just what we have in Rebels?

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    Wookieepedia mentions a single indirect mention to Hera's brother in Bad Batch episode, Rescue on Ryloth, but I don't recall it. Aside from that, Thrawn's mention in regards to Hera's kalikori is the only one listed. Feb 25 at 6:55
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    @GeoffAtkins Yeah, I saw that listing. It's VERY indirect, and it seems to be more speculation than anything else. When Omega says "He's my brother. They all are." Hera looks away and says "You're lucky." The conversation continues in a different direction, but I suppose that line was supposed to be a reference to her dead brother. Feb 25 at 23:59


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