I'm trying to identify a Disney movie that involves Donald Duck or the Scrooge McDuck family of characters.

They rent a castle, and end up awakening Frankenstein. There's also a story involving a blob monster? It could be an anthology on VHS, or a full movie, I'm not sure.

I remember in the pre-video ads that there was an ad for Disney parks with the villain characters in their park costumes.

I believe it's a 90's VHS, though it could have come out anywhere between the 90's and early 00's.

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    The duck wasn’t a vampire duck, right? Commented Mar 6, 2022 at 2:59

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Sounds like you might be referring to the Disney Television compilation video, "Monster Bash", released in 1993.

The compilation included an episode of Goof Troop titled "Frankengoof" (1992).

From IMDB:

Goofy inherits the his family's scary Frankengoof castle. Along with the castle there is also a monster included. Pete tries to scare Goofy by pretending to be the monster.

It also included an episode of DuckTales titled "Ducky Horror Picture Show" (1987).

From IMDB:

Werewolf, Dracula, and other monsters come to Duckburg for an annual convention, wreaking havoc on the town and on Scrooge McDuck.

The IMDB movie connections page for the latter episode mentions that it featured a version of the Blob (from the 1958 movie starring Steve McQueen), along with several other famous monster movie characters.

The Blob (1958)

The Blob attends the monster party.

Both episodes can be viewed on YouTube.

Goof Troop: "Frankengoof":

DuckTales: "Ducky Horror Picture Show":

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    This is exactly it! Thank you so much!
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