I’m looking for a manga. I can’t remember if it’s by Viz media or Tokyopop but my school used to have it in its library. There was a kid that fused/merged with a white tiger spirit or god or something, his friends proceed to get similar powers, just different animals

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    Just to confirm, you're looking for a book/graphic novel, not a TV series or movie series?
    – fez
    Commented Mar 11, 2022 at 8:31

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This sounds like it could be the Line Webtoon Flow, which was published online 2014-2016 and republished in print 2018.

A fantasy comic about a boy's destiny that starts to change as he receives a gift from his guardian god. [Webtoon Fandom]

In this world each person has a "Guardian God" or "Anima" and the main character's turns out to be the White Tiger.

Yun Lee-Rang is a young man with a cat anima. After being beat up and put into the hospital his cat anima is revealed to be one of the strongest animas in disguise; the White Tiger. The White Tiger anima allows him to cast a wish and he uses it to turn back time. He soon repeats the cycle of his day but several consequences were found with turning back time. [ibid]

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