I remember this manhua where the MC is in another world where cultivation exists, but he makes pills to break through each level. He found an ancient tool I think it was a ring or a tower but there was a lady in it teaching him martial arts and pill and weapon making to get stronger in order to break through his bottle necks but relied more on strength so that's where the pills come in and all this was to protect his sister and female teacher who is an alchemist

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This looks very close to the first book of William D. Arand's Veilverse series, Cultivating Chaos.

  • another world where cultivation exists: check.

“Hello,” said a rather chipper voice from nowhere. Ash’s eyes shot open and he looked around. “Hello?” he asked. “Looks like you got yourself open to the energy of this world. Not really sure where you’ll end up, but hey, one place is as good as another, right?”

  • he makes pills to break through each level: check.
  • with his female teacher who teaches him how to make pills but for him he already knows how to make them: not completely sure, but I think yes.

“Nothing. This is my first pill,” Yue said. She looked up and stared straight at Ash. “I’m an alchemist. You made me one.”

  • and he also has another teacher in his head showing him how to break through and how to make pills: check.

“The Chosen One has attempted to access the data base. Would he like to see the interface?” said a voice somewhere inside his own head. The way it said “chosen one” almost sounded mocking.

  • he does all this to protect his little sister: adoptive sister, but check.

“Yes. The Deng family was attempting to harm my sister. So I harmed them,” Ash said. Gen gave him a wolf-like smile.

  • it was something like that but in a manhua Aug 10, 2022 at 12:20

Is it Born to be a God by DongMan?

Front cover of Born to be a God

You dare look down upon me? I'm gonna kill you! You dare touch my girls? I'm gonna make you sleep forever. In this continent, strength is the rule, and the most powerful is highly respected. A legendary talent is reborn, and the Taiyi Superb Water can make me powerful enough to shake this world. I'm Saint Ling Feng, but unfortunately, I was reborn as a trash after drinking Taiyi Super Water. But after years of hard cultivation, I finally become the best Alchemy Master with the help of Taiyi Super Water.

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