I can't remember the details very clearly because I read it many years ago, but he needs to fix his stuff. He has a repeating day, I think, and keeps meeting a version of himself from a different time. Every day there is a new version and he is trying to help himself fix the ship.

For some reason the name "Lev" is also in my mind when I try to remember this story. I don't know if the character was Lev or, if I am not thinking about Asimov, the author was named Lev.

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I would guess you're remembering Lem not Lev, and this is the seventh voyage from The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem.

The protagonist Ijon Tichy is trapped in a time vortex and keeps meeting copies of himself from other times who help (or hinder) his attempts to repair his spaceship and escape. If so this has been identified several times already in:


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