From a Reddit discussion several years ago concerning the most creative use of time travel, a user named punkwalrus posted the following:

A short story from a SF&F literary magazine long out of print. It was a story about a guy obsessed with building a time machine, and spent his entire life on it. It's from the point of view of a young assistant, and starts off as a rant about how horrible this man was. The guy was stealing money for his work, involved in dubious mafia connections, and falsifying defense money to fund his operation.

Finally, he makes it happen, but is barely alive because of his age and failing health, and has to be helped by his assistant because now the inventor is wheelchair bound. They walk in the past, which is the early 1970s, to a hospital somewhere in genetic suburbia. He wheels the inventor to a room, where a man on life support is alone in a bed.

The frail inventor gets up, hobbles to the man, and hugs him. "Goodbye, daddy." is all he says through his tears.

They return to the present, where the inventor destroys the machine, all his notes, and then dies.

I still tear up over it.

He never mentioned the story title or who wrote it. Since he is still active on Reddit, I sent him a message a while back asking about the story, but I never received a reply. I've searched for it myself without success.


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