I only remember these facts from the series:

  • Humanity is getting enslaved by another race whom seem similar to the human race
  • Both groups use robots in combat
  • Enemy uses technology, like a virtual mod, to see scenery, so they gain advantage in every combat encounter
  • Good guys steal one of the enemy's robots and find this virtual technology
  • In an episode, humanity's leader fights against the enemy leader, and the human leader wins and the enemy leaves the planet but didn't retrieve slaves because their freedom was out of the accord

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There was a 90's cartoon Battletech (based on the mini wargame of the same name) that checks some of these boxes-

  1. Humanity is enslaved by a similar race- actually the invading Clans are human or descended from humans at least.

  2. Both sides pilot building-sized robots called Battlemechs.

  3. Virtual mod- the clans call it enhanced visual imaging or something like that- really, just an excuse for the animators to use some funky CGI.

  4. The good guys don't really steal this virtual tech, a clan warrior is captured by them and because of some strange code of honor thing shares the tech with her captors.

  5. Humanity's leader defeats the invading leader- pretty much how the last episode ends IIRC.

  • Yeah! That's the cartoon! Thank you so much!
    – VVKK
    Commented Apr 18, 2022 at 12:21

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