I remember reading this in late '70s early '80s. The stories included one about a man covered in snakes, and another about possums that ate a man buried in a shallow grave, causing his relatives to find something to eat beside possums.

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Tales of Terror by Ida Chittum

There's some photos here, including one page with an illustration of a lot of possums: http://the-haunted-closet.blogspot.com/2008/11/tales-of-terror-1975-ida-chittum.html

And someone else looking for the book on Loganberry Books with this description:

Cannot remember title, publisher, date for ghost story collection read in elementary school circa 1984-1988 that had a story about a family eating possum and discovers possums have eaten uncle ned's corpse and possibly story about a man on snipe hunt falls into river and snakes engulf him. May have been a child's recollection about picking rocks every year so the father can plow. It had a folklorish nature, maybe mountain folk. May have had a story about disembodied voices from a hole in ground or abandoned mineshaft. I think book was about 8"x10" and about an inch thick, was illustrated.


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