I've been reading the "New Gotham" stories that follow up after No Man's Land, and I noticed that Alfred is nowhere to be seen. He was present during the events of NML, and could be seen helping Batman on several occasions from various mini batcaves. I think he last appears about 2/3 of the way through NML, but no mention was made of him leaving or quitting... he just seemingly disappears.

A few months after NML, Bruce has the following interaction with his new bodyguard, Sasha Bordeaux (ref):

Sasha Bordeaux is helping Bruce Wayne tying a bow tie. She's thinking: "Only reason I'm STILL around is that Lucius Fox, the company C.E.O., didn't give Wayne a CHOICE. Four months and I STILL can't figure this guy OUT...". She also tells him: "Can't believe you don't know how to do this yourself", to which Bruce replies that "Alfred used to do this for me".

So this leads to the question of what happenened to Alfred... why is Alfred no longer around following the events of No Man's Land and Gotham's rebuilding?


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Shortly after the events of "Batman: No Man's Land", Alfred spent a semester with Robin (Tim Drake) at Brentwood Academy -- a boarding school in the Bristol Township area, across the river from Gotham City -- beginning in Robin Vol. 2 #74 (March, 2000).

ALI BEN KHADIR: This is Tim Drake, Zugir: he will be staying with me.


ALI BEN KHADIR: Zugir stays in the servants quarters in Blandings Hall. Where your servant is roomed.

TIM DRAKE: My servant?

ALFRED PENNYWORTH: Oh sir, allow me to hang those things for you. One must look serious for one's first day of classes.

TIM DRAKE: Alfred?

ALFRED PENNYWORTH: And who else but your personal valet for the remainder of the semester, Master Timothy.

enter image description here

Robin Vol. 2 #74 (March, 2000)

Alfred subsequently returned to Gotham in Detective Comics Vol. 1 #766 (March, 2002), when he learned that Bruce Wayne had been charged with the murder of Vesper Fairchild.

From the DC Wiki:

The news about Vesper's murder has reached the media and at that moment at Brentwood Academy, where Alfred Pennyworth has been staying with Tim Drake, Wayne's butler packs his belongings and heads back to Wayne Manor to offer his help in any way he can.

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