She appears to be a childhood friend of Bruce and Harvey.

  • Rachel is Bruce Wayne's closest childhood friend. Rachel's mother worked as a domestic servant at Wayne Manor, and the two would often play together on the grounds - So, approximately the same age as Bruce, give or take.
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According to the screenplay for Batman Begins, Rachel was 10 years old when Bruce was 8.

BLACK. A low KEENING which becomes SCREECHING that BUILDS and BUILDS until- RED flickers through black as the screen BURSTS into life: Clouds of REELING BATS silhouetted against a blood red sky, bolting away from camera, MASSING in the sky... FORMING a density the shape of an enormous BAT-LIKE SYMBOL. More BATS mass, swamping the symbol, DARKENING the screen to- BLACK. Distant children’s LAUGHTER which comes closer as- SUNLIGHT flickers through black. Sunlight through trees running through a SUMMER GARDEN. A BOY. Chasing a GIRL. The Boy reaches a Victorian GREENHOUSE. Stands in the doorway catching his breath. This is Bruce Wayne, aged 8, and we are-


YOUNG BRUCE peers down rows of plants on long trestle tables.


No response. Sunlight streams through wrought iron and glass. Young Bruce advances, cautious. He is GRABBED from behind and pulled under a table by a young girl, aged 10. This is RACHEL.

Batman Begins (2005) - screenplay

The screenplay also notes that she was 23 years old when he was 20.

Amongst them, Bruce, AGED 20, holding a bag. He sees Alfred, now 62, craning his neck, SEARCHING. He waves.


Rachel, now 23, stands by her car looking up at the house. She can see Bruce in the window. She gives a small wave.

Batman Begins (2005) - screenplay

So that'd presumably make her two-point-something years older than Bruce.

The screenplay indicates that Bruce returned to Gotham from Bhutan three months prior to his thirtieth birthday.

BOARD MEMBER: Is he taking over?

EARLE: Not yet. I checked the trust, and Bruce can’t assume control until his thirtieth birthday.

(presses intercom)

EARLE: Jessica, where’s that coffee?

BOARD MEMBER: But that’s in three months.

Batman Begins (2005) - screenplay

He subsequently becomes Batman before his thirtieth birthday party (which is shown in the film), and has his final confrontation with Ra's al Ghul after said birthday.

The following dialogue from The Dark Knight suggests that film takes place no more than a year or so after Batman first appeared in Gotham.

JOKER: Let's wind the clocks back a year. These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you. I mean, what happened? Did your balls drop off? Hm? You see, a guy like me...

GAMBOL: A freak.

MOBSTER 1: Damn right.

JOKER: A guy like me... Look, listen. I know why you choose to have your little, ahem... group-therapy sessions in broad daylight. I know why you're afraid to go out at night. The Batman. See, Batman has shown Gotham your true colors, unfortunately. Dent, he's just the beginning.

The Dark Knight (2008) - transcript

So that'd make Bruce either 30 or 31 in The Dark Knight. And with Rachel being two-point-something years older, she could be as young as 32 or as old as 34.

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