At the start of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we see a ribboned(?) creature chasing after Defender Strange and America Chavez in the space between universes.

What exactly was it? Is it based on a comic book character?

The creature:


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    It's identified within the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki as the 'Ribboned Creature'. There's no identification as yet from an official source, though there may well be within a few weeks, when the staff who worked on this movie are allowed to discuss spoilers. I don't personally recognise it as corresponding to anything in the comics, and if it did, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki would likely mention that, but it doesn't. Commented May 9, 2022 at 21:02
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    For now it’s just the Ribboned Creature, but I’m sure before long someone will come forward and put a bow on it Commented May 10, 2022 at 8:42
  • There's nothing mentioned about it in the official audio commentary
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    Commented Jun 9 at 10:31

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Now I am NOT very sure but according to fan theories and this particular screenrant article, the ribbon creature is the Demigod Cyttorak

In the opening scene of the movie, fans saw a variant of Doctor Strange being chased by a demon called Cyttorak.

Further proof to support this theory is that Dr Strange is shown using the spell - "The crimson bands of cyttorak" on Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and it looked similar to the creature shown in the this movie.

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The creature chasing Defender Strange and America Chavez at the start of the movie is not based on a specific comic book character; it is an original creation for the movie.

The official Marvel Studios book The Marvel Cinematic Universe: An Official Timeline refers to it as a "supernatural creature with glowing runes on its ribbon-like limbs." No name was given for the creature.

Here's the relevant excerpt from the book:

relevant excerpt from the book quoted below

Fall 2024 | More Multiverse Multiplicity

America Chavez is lost. The teenage girl with the power to involuntarily open star-shaped tears between universes has been on the run for years, hopscotching through more than 70 parallel realities ever since her mothers were drawn into a vortex she accidentally created as a young child. Now she is being hunted by a supernatural creature with glowing runes on its ribbon-like limbs, which apparently seeks to harness her unique ability for itself.


In the official audio commentary Sam Raimi refers to it as a "ribbon monster".

Richie Palmer: Fun fact about this Gargantos, we actually took Lizzy Olsen's eyeball scan and had made this eyeball modelled after Lizzy Olsen's eyes, a little foreshadowing for who the real villain of the movie is.

Sam Raimi: Because in Michael's script, obviously, Lizzy Olsen is pupetting both the ribbon monster and this tentacle monster in our universe.

The Art of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness refers to it as a ....

... "terrifying, fiery ribbon creature"

and a ...

... "ribbon demon"

and notes that the creature is an amalgam of lots of different things they'd seen in the comics, but ultimately a new creation specifically for the film.

When it come to designing the demon pursuing Strange and America in this opening scene, Joyner and his fellow artists looked at different creatures from the comics, finding “all sorts of weird stuff from the Steve Ditko days" right up to the modern day. “But as we were developing it, we knew that the book, the Darkhold, was going to play an important part in the movie and was going to have all these runes and strange writings in it. So the idea grew that this creature would actually be formed from some of that strange, eldritch writing and kind of wrap around and form into this new creature. That was something that we felt would be very different. Early on, we had done some development on energy creatures, and one of the designs I did was a lot of random bonds combining, with more of a fiery energy effect. So we came back to the beginning and combined those ideas, creating a tangible thing with that energy burning off on the sides and adding that bit of danger to it. The runes on the ribbons themselves actually carry through to creatures later in the movie The idea was that there was this clue in the entire thing, and that they were all connected from the same source." The red coloring of this ribbon demon also foreshadows the reveal of the film’s primary adversary. "You always go back and forth with how much you want to reveal and when," Joyner says. "It might be that, right away, it seems fine to reveal it—but then you think. Oh, do we want to pull that back a little bit?”'

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