A consistent pattern that I see in fan fiction is that, upon Bellatrix going free, Neville swears that he will kill her when he graduates and starts training very very hard. For whatever reason, I remember no such thing happening in canon. Did the books - and nothing else, I'm not interested in the movies or wider canon - show his reaction to her freedom? If so, what was it? Feel free to just quote straight from the text.

  • I'm sure he was delighted with the news
    – Valorum
    May 14 at 10:03

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Suffice to say he was not pleased. It spurs him to redouble his efforts at mastering offensive and defensive magic.

Harry was pleased to see that all of them, even Zacharias Smith, had been spurred on to work harder than ever by the news that ten more Death Eaters were now on the loose, but in nobody was this improvement more pronounced than in Neville. The news of his parents’ attackers’ escape had wrought a strange and even slightly alarming change in him. He had not once mentioned his meeting with Harry, Ron and Hermione on the closed ward in St Mungo’s and, taking their lead from him, they had kept quiet about it too. Nor had he said anything on the subject of Bellatrix and her fellow torturers’ escape. In fact, Neville barely spoke during the DA meetings any more, but worked relentlessly on every new jinx and counter-curse Harry taught them, his plump face screwed up in concentration, apparently indifferent to injuries or accidents and working harder than anyone else in the room. He was improving so fast it was quite unnerving and when Harry taught them the Shield Charm – a means of deflecting minor jinxes so that they rebounded upon the attacker – only Hermione mastered the charm faster than Neville.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE - The Beetle at Bay

  • That's all that I needed, so you've got the tick. But just to be sure, do you know of anything else? Or is there only this extract?
    – J. Mini
    May 14 at 13:25
  • 1
    @J.Mini - We don't really see him for a fair while after that. The next major scene with him in is the Patronus class and he's just getting on with business.
    – Valorum
    May 14 at 13:28

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