There is a movie that was on either one or two years ago. There was a scarecrow that came alive and starting attacking people. First it gets a farmer's son who later went after it for revenge, and a bus full of high-school kids.


This is certainly Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003).

The story begins three days after the events of the first film. A farmer, Jack Taggart, Sr. (Ray Wise) is putting up fence posts while his son, Jack Jr. (Luke Edwards) is repairing their car. Billy Taggart (Shaun Fleming) sets up scarecrows in the farm's cornfield. One of the scarecrows in the field begins to move on its own. Billy runs to get his brother, but the "scarecrow" comes to life and pounces on him. Jack Sr. and Jack Jr chase after Billy and his captor until the "scarecrow" sprouts its wings and disappears into the sky with Billy.

A high school basketball team, their coaches and cheerleaders become stranded on a highway... the teens on the bus are toyed with by the Creeper...

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