Read in 1975 or so. Included a boy who ended up in the far future; he falls in love, and has adventures. The future is deadly for some reason and he has to return alone at the end, with a sad goodbye scene with his love. Not The Transall Saga or Slaughterhouse-Five (definitely YA, and not as dark as Transall).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Is it definitely 1975? I'm wondering about Rocco by Sherryl Jordan, but it was published in 1990.
    – NiceOrc
    Jun 2 at 4:56

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I'm thinking The future took us by David Severn - originally published 1958

Two English schoolboys are transported to the future by the scientists of the time (it was a near miss, they were actually trying to grab their mathematical genius headmaster)

They have various adventures in a brutal post apocalypse world and finally get a chance to go back to their own time.

However one has fallen in love with a future girl so his friend returns alone


This might be the same YA novel about boys travelling to post-apocalypse future

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