I forgot the name of the film, which involves a red light glowing dinosaur, or something similar to Godzilla.

In the story, people are trying to stop it and using earthwork to trap it with the equipment they have. The hero joins some people around there, then makes a sword to attack.

The thing comes at night. There is a scene where the hero throws a stick torch into a dark area where the creature was hiding, and then red light glows on its body.

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Outlander, 2008. It’s basically Beowulf with aliens and vikings.

The monster is called a Moorwen.

The plot contains a night scene where the Moorwen lights up and shows itself. Then there’s a sequence where they try to kill it by trapping it in a big pit filled with burning whale oil. Later there is a montage where swords are made from scavenged fragments of starship hull.


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