India doesn’t have a strong Sci-Fi history. Here are some examples of Indian works which featured aliens:

  • Koi Mil Gaya (2003) movie featured aliens
  • Aaryaman (2002) TV series was full of aliens as it was a copy of Star Wars.
  • Shaktimaan TV series featured aliens in late 90’s (aliens came to Earth literally in Star Wars’ Imperial Star Destroyers).
  • Captain Vyom TV series featured aliens in late 90’s.
  • I recently rediscovered an alien story published in Champak magazine (December 1995 issue).
    enter image description here
    Same issue has a candy ad featuring spaceship and aliens:
    Hajmola candy, introducing two new flavours:  Nakhrilee Kamrakh and pangbaaz plum
    (This ad was famous in 90’s)

Which Indian Sci-Fi work first featured aliens?

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    The article “Indian Science Fiction: History and Contemporary Trends” by Srinarahari M H, and this blog post, might be good starting points for research. These describe “Aaschry Vrittaant” (A Strange Tale) by Ambika Datt Vyas as the first science-fiction story in India, not counting SF-like elements in traditional legends, and “Chandrlok ki Yatra”(A Journery to Moon ) by Babu Keshav Prasad as another early example. I do not know whether either feature aliens.
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    @Davislor "A Strange Tale" is very like "Journey to the Center of the Earth" - no aliens Commented Jun 19, 2022 at 18:42

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To set a mark for written science fiction, I'll suggest Shukra Bhraman ("Travel to Venus") by Jagadananda Roy, written in 1892 and published in 1914. According to Indian Science Fiction: Pattern, History and Hybridity by Suparno Banerjee, it "describes an adventure on Venus and encounters with alien creatures".


The first Indian film featuring the concept of aliens was Kalai Arasi released in 1963 starring M.G Ramachandran. Kalai Arasi Wikipedia

enter image description here

Its main plot was about aliens abducting a dancer so that she could teach the aliens how to dance and sing.

I'll try finding other Indian media featuring sci-fi but as far as movies go this was the first.

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