...but this one is pretty vague, for me, I apologize in advance.

All I remember is the following:

  • Read it on a tablet, very possibly via kindle or whatever Apple's version of that was
  • Could have been short story, novel, novella... anything. I don't think I finished it but I DO feel like it was part of a series.
  • Male protagonist was a cop or P.I. maybe had some sort of military background or even just partisan combat experience
  • Protagonist had a "frenemy" of sorts, maybe on the opposite side of the law or conflict who didn't seem to understand they weren't actually friends for some reason, maybe shared history?
  • Possible tiger based genetic modifications somewhere in the story?

Thank you for your help!

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    The noir on Mars reminded me of Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer.
    – tgrignon
    Jun 23 at 12:26

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Except for the tiger gene mods, this sounds very much like The Last Campaign by Martin L. Shoemaker, book 2 of the Near Earth Mysteries.

This is available on Kindle (that's where I've read his work). Protagonist is a "retired" space admiral, married to a retired captain who was most recently in command of an Aldrin cycler (transport from Earth to Mars and back) called Aldrin City (that story is in The Last Dance, book 1), and the characters appear in a number of Shoemaker's other stories and novels as well.

In The Last Campaign the husband, Nicolau Aames, had an acquaintance who (in his opinion) had gotten what was coming to him and now lived in a powered exoskeleton to be able to stand and walk even in Mars 38% gravity, and who for some reason considered Nicolau a friend.

It's a murder mystery, set in the civilian portion of the first large city on Mars; plenty of darkness, with POV mainly that of the retired admiral, Rosalia Morais. It's heavily laced with Brazilian food, music, and culture; native to Rosalia and adopted long hence by Nicolau. And behind the initial murder is a greater conspiracy that could threaten the very future of civilian occupation of Mars.


Possibly the Moreau series by S. Andrew Swann as per the unaccepted answer to Book series about a future where gene-modified sentient animals were used as soldiers and are trying to find a place in post-war human society. Summary from the first book, Forests of the Night

Set in Cleveland 100 years in the future, this debut novel is the story of Nohar Rajasthan, Private Eye, who's a moreau--descended from genetically manipulated tiger stock. When Nohar is hired by a being illegally created from human stock to look into a murder, he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy of awesome proportions.

Obviously, one departure is that this first book is not set on Mars.


Kind of a long shot, but this question got me scrolling through my library email history until I found:

Thin Air by Richard Morgan

Set on Mars. Military background. Beyond that, I don't know.

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