I read it about 2013-14, and it was a hardback book with two robots and a kid on a ‘skateboard’ that could fly. Printed in english with no illustrations I can remember inside the book.

Things I remember

  • there was this thing called “Maker’s Sight” that the main character and his dad had, but his dad said to keep secret.
  • kid stows away on a mech after pirates claimed the mech (was his favorite mech)
  • was some sort of time collapse, with 3 types of people (past [think they were called elders?], present and future)
  • someone was trying to reverse the time collapse, but he was a tyrant (I think. He might be the antagonist)
  • Pirates have 2 ships, a destroyer analog and a barge being towed by the destroyer.
  • went to an island and the pirates found out about the skateboard.
  • kid seemed to have friends
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    So, based on the time and the lack of illustrations, not Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic then? (It matches the flying skateboard, the time collapse and chapter 10 is called "Maker's Sight.")
    – DavidW
    Jun 23, 2022 at 17:16
  • @DavidW, yes thank you! Can you put it as the answer. I knew it had something like Atlantic in the name. Jun 23, 2022 at 21:59

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If it's possible you're off by a few years, this sounds very much like Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic (2017) by Armand Baltazar. The cover depicts the hero on a flying board and a giant robot:

Cover of "Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic" showing the hero and one of his friends on flying boards in front of a harbour with a sailing ship, a giant robot and a dinosaur

Snippets of reviews on Goodreads show many matches to your points:

13 year old Diego and his friends are the first generation to be born into the world after the Time Collision, when continents and times collided. Now things have settled enough, but not entirely; people still identify themselves as from one of three major time periods, and dinosaurs roam the oceans and wild lands. The present is full of tech from multiple eras, and Diego's father is a genius engineer who (among other things) builds robots. Diego has his abilities--including a mystic ability that allows him to make almost any repair--but isn't sure he wants the same life. His mother was a hotshot pilot in the wars that broke out after the Collision, and Diego's more interested in flying. Then Diego's father is kidnapped by a group that wants to reverse the Time Collision (which will wreak havoc on the current timeline), and Diego and three other 13-14 year olds accidentally end up on the rescue mission--led by the pirates paid for the job.

Review ref

Another notes Diego has the Maker's Sight:

On his thirteenth birthday, Diego learns from his father that special abilities called "The Maker's Sight" run in their family, which grant them the skill of visualizing the design and creation of objects within their mind, talents that Diego's father also possesses.

Review ref

(Note that the editions listed on ISFDb were all illustrated, so yours may have had different cover art.)


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