I'm looking for a 90s video game (either on the Game Boy Color or the Game Boy Advance) where you played as a robot equipped with a boomerang or a boomerang-like weapon. The weapon could be upgraded so that it could be thrown farther. Another robot followed you as a companion. I don't recall if it had an AI or if it just shot whenever you shot. I believe it was a platformer. One level took place in a forest. Another level took place underground.

The robots looked like children, and the companion was larger than the main robot (maybe it was the bigger brother of the smaller robot?). The boomerang weapon they had would glow electric blue if you got a power-up. It might have been able to pass through multiple enemies when it was glowing. The enemies may have been mostly (mutated?) animals. Some of them could fly.

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    I wonder if the game with the isometric layout might be Robots for the Game Boy Advance? Take a look at this video - and at 25:36 into this one you can see the robot using a weapon to fire projectiles that might resemble the boomerangs you remember? Commented Jun 25, 2022 at 16:21

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It was Bionicle: Matoran Adventures, released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002. The smaller robots are called Matorans and the larger ones are called Turanga (and they are not brothers or children). The forest level is called Le-Wahi and the underground level is called Onu-Wahi. Many enemies are animal-like creatures called Rahi. The boomerang-like weapon is a Bamboo Disk, pictured below being thrown by a Matoran and destroying an unnamed Rahi:


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