The rulers of the country that she is now working for are looking for her but don’t realize that she is the maid that’s currently working for them

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A Capable Maid...?

From Baka-Updates:

As Maurina, she's on the run as the last of her kingdom’s royal line. Disguised as Marie, she is just a maid, serving the victorious empire. She’s never been very good at anything, so when she's told to make a wish, she asks for the ability to help others and bring them happiness. Now as visions of brilliant and skilled people fill her dreams, she’s imbued with a bounty of abilities perfectly suited for any dilemma. But will her secrets last as the crown prince seeks out both Maurina and Marie?

When Morina's mother died, the emperor of the Clowan Kingdom found her and made her a princess, but ordered that she be kept in a remote part of the palace. She was kind-hearted, but lacking any real skills, she was viewed as being useless by those within the palace, and learned to avoid the gaze of others.

Then, three years ago, an illegitimate son of the emperor, Rael, slaughtered the royal family and took over the throne as the Crown Prince... or at least, that's how Morina remembers it. According to her, he wanted to kill her too, but she managed to hide from him by disguising herself as a maid. She now continues to work as a maid within the palace, using the name 'Marie.'

enter image description here enter image description here

  • As per the plot summary, there is a fantasy element to this manhwa. Jun 29 at 9:24

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