All I can remember is that it takes place on several planet locations. There's two main characters; a female agent for a galactic government and a male who, if I remember correctly, lives in some kind of dome that gets attacked.

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    What language was it in, when was it written approximately, do you remember any cover-art? Check-out our story ID checklist and see if it jogs your memory. Commented Jul 8, 2022 at 6:22
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There aren't many details in the question (date read, language etc.) but I'll take a shot in the dark:

What about 'A Memory called Empire' by Arkady Martine?

The novel is about a female diplomat visiting the capital of a galactic empire. It includes an attack on the (male) Emperor's palace. The part that doesn't match is the dome structure but it's possible the palace is described that way; I don't remember that detail.

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