In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange dreamwalks into the corpse of Defender Strange in Earth-616. After he portals to near Wundagore Mountain, the "Souls of the Damned" appear and attack Strange in two universes (both the corpse being dreamwalked into at Earth-616 and his body at Sinister Strange's universe), to stop his dreamwalking into a corpse. Related dialogue:

Souls of the Damned: Stephen Strange...
Possessing a dead body is forbidden. Forbidden.
Trespasser! Trespasser!
Cease your dreamwalk, or face the eternal consequences.

Forbidden by who? Who is this (apparently multiversal) being that is forbidding the possession of / dreamwalking into dead bodies, and will make someone that does so "face the eternal consequences"? (And what are "the eternal consequences"?) Does this being have a counterpart or is based from a character in the comics?

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    For all we know, just that one soul of the damned. With the consequences being that they and their damned soul buddies will bug you forever about it. Either that or Mephisto. Probably Mephisto. It’s always Mephisto. Jul 10 at 17:13
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    Any answer to this question is probably going to be speculation or comics based. Jul 17 at 22:43
  • @PeterNielsen I don't mind comics-based answers. In fact, I would like to know if there's a counterpart in the comics. Jul 18 at 3:58
  • Then you're in the right place!! Jul 18 at 19:28
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    Who says it's not a committee doing the forbidding? Or the results of a referendum?
    – Lexible
    Jul 25 at 15:18

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I have a feeling it has to do with one of two beings. There are only two beings in the comics that I think can set the rules for the entire multiverse. I think it has something to do with the Living Tribunal.

If you slow it down when they are going through the multiverse, you can see the Living Tribunal's three heads. He has the task of overseeing and maintaining the balance in all the universes and there is only one of him for the entire multiverse and beings like Eternity that are the literal embodiment of the universe answer directly to him.

I think that Doctor Strange's dreamwalking into the dead variant hinders the Living Tribunal's ability to maintain the balance in all the universes. Even Clea revealed in the post credits scene that this caused an incursion (possibly in her universe). This was after he dreamwalked into a dead variant.

There is also The One Above All, the one that is the most powerful in Marvel and considered to be the god of the multiverse. But since how we haven't heard about him in the MCU yet and we did see the Living Tribunal in Doctor Strange 2, I would have to say it is the Living Tribunal that forbids dreamwalking into dead bodies, especially since how Doctor Strange did it from another universe.

This is a screenshot of the Living Tribunal when Doctor Strange and America are traveling through the multiverse, it is kind of hard to notice him if you don't slow the movie down around this part of it.

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