I am looking for a specific sci-fi videogame-related cutscene or trailer.

As I recall it, the video features "realistic" graphics for its time (between late 2000s and 2016), mostly greyish, destroyed modern buildings/bunkers, humans, and monsters of some kind, with a strong post-apocalyptic feeling. I think it was a first person shooter game.

The important thing is that the video is a long tracking shot in a motionless world, all characters are frozen in time. The camera starts in a kind of bunker with a military officer reaching for a button which seems to close the huge bunker door, seemingly leaving countless civilians stranded outside, at the mercy of the monsters. The tracking shot shows their distress (particularly some children), visits some living quarters and grim corridors with people fighting the monsters (civilians, maybe soldiers too), then comes back to the initial bunker and reveals that a swarm of monsters is inside, meaning that the military is actually sacrificing himself to lock the monsters in, maybe also setting off a bomb to destroy them inside the bunker.

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    I'm afraid it's not clear what you mean by "a long travelling."
    – Buzz
    Jul 20 at 2:13
  • @Buzz Oh you're right, I'm French and "travelling" is the word we use for "tracking shot" (source Wikipedia). I got mixed up because it's an English word ;) I will edit this.
    – Daneel
    Jul 20 at 5:46
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    Any chance you remember something about the game itself? What platform it was on, what genre, perspective etc.?
    – C. Tomm
    Jul 20 at 6:16
  • I didn't play the game, only saw this clip on Youtube a few years ago. It probably came out in 201X rather than 200X as the graphics were quite good. I think it was a first person shooter game, with sci-fi/horror ambiance because of the monsters.
    – Daneel
    Jul 20 at 6:30


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