At the end of book 6, "The Clash of the Demons" of The Last Apprentice (aka "The Spook's Sacrifice" of the Wardstone Chronicles), Thomas Ward was about to sell his soul to the Fiend when Alice came and placed a blood jar in his hand, sending the Fiend away. Now she must keep close to Tom, or the Fiend will take his revenge upon her.

But why don't they make two blood jars? That way Alice would be able to go as far away from Tom when the need came.

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Page 427 of book 7, Rise of the Huntress, by Joseph Delaney:

"What if I were to smash this [the blood jar] now, or drain it of its contents?" he asked me. "Could the girl [Alice] make another?"

"Ain't possible to make another to save Tom," said Alice. "You can only use a spell like that once."

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