I distinctly remember a cartoon show from the early 2000s - early 2010s, which involved the main character looking for his father, which was the inventor or discoverer of these blue creatures that the main character could summon.

I think they fought against these red creatures antithetical to the blue creatures, but then orange ones appeared in the second season I believe. I also think they found his dad at some point in the show.

Similar animation to Teen Titans


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Might this be Monsuno (2012-2013)...?

From the Monsuno Wiki:

Chase Suno wakes one morning to find his scientist father gone. A legendary scientist, Jeredy had solved a timeless mystery.

But not before he left his only son a special gift, a powerful guardian in dangerous times – a Monsuno. And not just any Monsuno – the first Monsuno Jeredy reanimated, and the means to control it.

Chase Suno is now on a mission to master the battle potential of his Monsuno in order to protect himself, to build a team of like-minded Monsuno “Controllers,” and to find his missing father.

The main character, Chase Suno, learns about battle creatures called Monsuno while searching for his missing father, a scientist.

As shown around the 15:11 mark in the video below, the first episode of season 1 features a battle between a blue Monsuno summoned by Chase and a red Monsuno summoned by an antagonist.

As shown around the 10:44 mark in the video below, the first episode of season 2 features a battle between a group of blue Monsuno summoned by the heroes and a group of orange Monsuno summoned by the antagonists.


Maybe Slugterra (2012)?

It is about a boy searching for his father, and he has small creatures named "slugs" that he can fire out of a gun and transform into larger creatures. The missing father also had the ability to use the slugs. The bad guys have slugs that have been "ghouled" which is signified with a red glow.

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