I'm looking for an isekai manga. In it, the main character and his class are summoned by a goddess, but they decide to send someone back to tell their families. The protagonist “goes back” but it was a trick by the goddess and the mc was dropped in a forest full of monsters and given the curse of the hero (he can only talk to species considered enemies of humans).

In the forest he runs into an abandoned god/goddess, and he explains to the god/goddess what a loner is, so the “Loner god” gives him the blessing of the loner which makes him immortal, but he can’t level up because of the regeneration.

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This is "Is This Hero For Real?"

Kang Hansoo was summoned to this world with his classmates.

His classmates were amazed by this brand new world and the magic in it, but the only thing Hansoo wanted to do was quickly return home.
“Why would I give up my warm, comfortable house to have an adventure in this world…?
Even the goddess that summoned me said that if I wasn’t willing to, there was nothing she could do to force me and promised to return me to my original world.
She did teleport me, but…
When I opened my eyes, I was still in this world!
All of my friends were gone, and the only thing around me was monsters!!
A goddess tricked me…?
How do I get back home now…?
More than that, how do I survive here…?!“

enter image description here

His 'blessing' is actually a curse

enter image description here

Later in the series he meets a "loner god"

enter image description here

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