In an English movie I watched a long time back (perhaps at least 15 years back, not sure), they try to build a machine that acts as portal to another world, but they're not sure of how it will work. It looked like a secret project. In that a woman pilot (or scientist) enters, and reaches a place unknown to humanity. After sometime, she's back and a committee of senior officers question her on her experience. If I remember correctly she had gone to a world not known to humanity or to some distant star system.

I don't remember name of any character or the movie name, but it looked awesome. Does anybody know the name of the movie?

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    If Contact is the answer, I suggest checking out the novel by Carl Sagan. It’s better than the film. Aug 9 at 3:13
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    The secret portal reminds me of Stargate but it was a military team, not a woman.
    – firtydank
    Aug 9 at 5:59
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    If the answer is Contact, I officially feel old ("a long time back", indeed! :-) )
    – Vorbis
    Aug 9 at 7:13
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    This is likely not the answer whatsoever, but the part of the military being prevalent reminds me of this Twilight Zone episode ("The Wall") from the 80s: imdb.com/title/tt0734763 Aug 9 at 18:34

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Contact features a woman using a machine designed using instructions from an extraterrestrial message — the machine takes her to another world and upon her return she is interrogated by the military and politicians.

Official Movie Trailer.

Scene with Jodie Foster's character being questioned by Congress.

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    Jodie Foster plays the protagonist if that helps jog the memory.
    – PEW
    Aug 8 at 13:26
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    If Contact is the right answer, this is a duplicate of scifi.stackexchange.com/q/58547/14111
    – user14111
    Aug 8 at 19:50
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    @user14111 The project wasn't a secret, but the backup facility was.
    – RLH
    Aug 8 at 19:53
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    Does this line ring a bell? "Number one rule of government spending...why buy one when you can get two for twice the price?"
    – DKNguyen
    Aug 8 at 20:12
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    Notably, she's a scientist. Not a pilot. (Or a poet for that matter. Notable line in the movie: "They should have sent a poet".) Though she is strapped into a seat that looks like a cockpit, so maybe that's where the confusion came from. Aug 9 at 13:24

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