I’m trying to remember the name of a book series from the '80s/'90s, set in medieval times, about a girl who finds her power as a witch/healer through the series. I believe the main character is called Sita, but it’s not Hindu or from India at all. More a European setting.

I read them early 2000s but the books were older, borrowed from a friend. There was 3 in the series, I believe. They were paperback and the covers were brown/tan tones with illustrations of the main character in non-specific scenes.


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This might be The Black Magician trilogy by Trudi Canavan. The first book is The Magician's Guild, first published in 2001, a little late for the question.

It has a European fantasy setting, is a trilogy with young girl becoming a magician (the term witch is not generally used, perhaps in a historical context in the 2nd story line) with a focus on healing. The main character is Sonea, a girl from a poor family who unexpectedly discovers she has magic during the annual 'purge' when such folk are cleared from town by the eponymous guild.

Tan covers with non specific scenes.

2005 Covers

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